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What is Donald Trump?


Is Donald Trump a sexist?

Is Donald Trump a bigot?

This year’s political scene has been quite entertaining to say the least. Love him or hate him you cannot deny Donald Trump is keeping people tuned in. I watch mostly CNN and he is literally all they talk about. His most recent scandal involved his campaign manager allegedly assaulting a female reporter. I watched the video several times, I don’t see an assault. I do see Trump pick his arm up as if he was telling her, “Why are you touching me?” Then his manager swoops in and pulls her back. No doubt he touches her, but she stated he yanked her down and that clearly did not happen. Was he trying to defend Trump, one could say that others say he was out of line. The one thing I do know is people in the media are politicizing everything involving Trump. Most likely the reporter is a democrat that does not like Trump. I think American journalists need to stop with their agendas and start getting back to real journalism. I do not want your opinion just report the story and keep your opinion out of it. People say Trump is racist, I ask them why they stumble to tell me. I fancy myself on being all about right and wrong and never about democrat or republican or liberal or conservative black or white etc. People are taking sides nowadays and becoming blind soldiers. Trump supporters will defend him no matter what and the people who do not support him will use any chance they get to attack him. To me, saying people need to come here legally is not racist.

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Is Donald Trump racist?

Yes, we are a country of immigrants, legal immigrants. Its nice to think we can stop our enemies with hugs and kisses or we can just let anyone come to this country in droves and everything will be okay but that is not realistic. Donald Trump is definitely very drastic in his reactions and does not think his actions through all the time but I will say this he is a billionaire and he does not need to be doing what he’s doing. Trump could be on a yacht with super models counting his billions if he wanted, he does not need to be spending his own money risking his life on the political trail. The media is very powerful and people read headlines and jump to conclusions. Anyone who is constantly swarmed by the media is bound to make mistakes. It is tough somewhat impossible in this day and age for any republican/conservative to win. Trump has shown he does not care about the person being left or right as long as they are good at their job but he has offended too many people in his journey to win it all in my opinion. Ted Cruz is too far right to ever win and Bernie is too far left to win. That leaves us with Hillary, based on her experience and success of her husband as president she is the best on paper but she is surrounded by controversy and she is currently being investigated by the FBI for her email scandal. That begs the question, is this really the best we have to offer?!?! At the end of the day who really knows why these politicians say what they say and do what they do. So much bias in the media, they have sponsors so they have to carry a certain tone, and so do the politicians. That’s why a lot of people have gravitated towards Trump and Bernie Sanders because they believe those two can’t be bought. Who can we really trust? The agendas need to stop people need to start being able to trust the government and the media again and we all need to band together as Americans and end their manipulation. The headlines the media writes try to stir the pot and incite violence so they will have something to talk about and report on. When there are riots and violent protests everyone is tuning in to see what happens and they know it that’s why they like to create problems that do not really even exist, time for the people to wise up!

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