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Beyoncé is a Puppet

beyonce puppet

Beyoncé is a puppet, an illuminati puppet to be exact. She is a manufactured performer/singer since her birth her father has been molding her. Aaliyah died and she started to come out from the shadows and now she is one of the most popular singers in the world. She performed with Destiny’s Child early on and they shuffled members in and out with no loyalty and she eventually went solo. Beyoncé married Jay-Z and now she is almost 35 and also had a kid. One would assume a country girl like her who made pop songs would show class later in life. Lately though she has been acting very strange, twerking in videos, acting tough with her lyrics, dressing half naked. It’s a shame, that isn’t her that is not who she is. Its obvious she is a goody two shoes that probably has never been in trouble once her life all of sudden acting out of pocket.

beyonce puppet

Beyonce the illuminati puppet

Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are good examples of this also. They want to act ratchet I guess because it makes them more money. It’s a shame though people will sell their soul and go there and sing lyrics they didn’t write, wear clothes they didn’t have a say in wearing just for money. I have no issue with twerking videos coming from Nicki Minaj or Trina because that’s been part of their style from day one. Beyoncé on the other hand, talking about sex and racism and acting hard on record is so laughable and she is a very popular singer so her loyal soldiers don’t care how stupid she sounds. Her SuperBowl stunt was funny to me, a lot of people had an opinion but notice you did not see her comment on it. She is having racially charged videos and songs lately but I never hear her speak on it, one might ask why? Its because Beyoncé has been told what to do since she was a little kid, she is adopting the tough guy act from Jay-Z’s hip hop mentality and it’s really getting out of control lately. If her managers want her to bring awareness to murders, okay do it but why pick and choose the ones that can further their agenda and divide the country meanwhile using her as a pawn in all of this, it’s a shame she is such a puppet. I want to see her on 60 minutes getting grilled, you look at pictures of her and she looks lifeless. There was the surveillance video of her sister Solange beating Jay-Z in the elevator and once it stopped and they got out and Beyoncé had that same stupid smile on her face like it just didn’t happen. Beyoncé has mastered her fake smile and showing no emotion and it’s a shame young girls deserve better than her. Anyone, male or female that doesn’t write their own songs or have a say in wardrobe or video plots seriously leave! The public deserves better than what the music industry has been putting out lately.

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