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Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman – The Review!

DC Comics and Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman movie was one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2016. These two comic book characters are arguably the top 2 most popular amongst kids, adults and people in general. The movie would set the scenes for what would be the greatest showdown of good heroes against each other. Unfortunately, that very premise was vastly overlooked and underrepresented. What was advertised to be a clash of two beloved comic characters turned out to be a condensed 5-minute fight that was painfully predictable. That was he first issue I had with the film, the misrepresentation of what we expected in relation to what we were given as fans. Nonetheless, the movie did few things right. Henry Cavill’s portrayal was great and consistent with his great performance in the stand-alone superman film Man of Steel.

batman vs superman

Ben Affleck did a good job as well, although his performance was not something that was mind blowing per se. With that said, the strength/quality of the film was not predicated on the acting, it was reliant on great screenplay, action sequences and theatrical cohesion. The fight scenes were very entertaining and reflective of Zack Snyder’s directional style. The casting was great, and the pace progressed logically well. However, the flaws of this movie vastly outweighed the positives. Often times, I felt certain random scenes were thrown in there just so DC Comics movie universe could catch up to Marvel’s highly successful cinematic universe. The introduction of Wonder Woman was abrupt and unexplained, which was confusing and frustrating. Lastly, the final scene was very CGI orientated and it felt like watching a video games with great graphics. Overall I give the movie a 6 out of 10 for the aforementioned reasons. Although this is a rather low score, I would still recommend movie goers to watch it because it has done well in the box office despite low ratings from acclaimed critics. It was not the best movie in the world but it was still very entertaining and for that sole reason, I would still recommend it! 

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